Yak Films – Finger Warriors

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by Zatoon

Yak Films based out of Oakland continues to put out dope videos featuring turf dancing along with tight instrumentals, and they always seem to capture that golden Cali light.  Part ballet, part yoga, Turf (Taking up room on the floor) is an improvisational, free-flowing form of dance that basically allows the artist to tell a story with their body and includes popping, locking, and gliding, which creates wonderful optical illusions.  If it hasn’t already  Turf dancing may soon join the likes of “going dumb”, hyphy music and the NBA champion Warriors as yet another distinctive gem with OTown roots.  Their latest “Finger Warriors” is a nice ode to our NBA champs.



And don’t forget the classic “Turf Feinz RIP RichD Dancing in the Rain” video, which was made in response to the untimely death of a friend, and six years on, it still inspires.

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