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by Zatoon

Sir Grzzwall, an original MC from the Bayonics crew, released his sophomore  EP “Vegas Knights”.  Produced by B.Bravo, these tracks transport you into the Vegas nightlife but skip the mundane and escort you right into the heart of the after party.  The slumpy jams accompanied by intriguing lascivious lyrics make this EP the perfect anthem for the “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas“weekend.

Sir Grzzwall’s style of melodic urban prose mixed with primal metaphors of the wild reflects his roots growing up in San Francisco’s Lakeview neighborhood and in Anchorage, Alaska, where he spent his high school years. This juxtaposition of experiences becomes apparent in his music, as his hip hop beats are laced with elements of funk, both nasty oldschool and modern electro, while his vocals stir up tribal archetypal memories.  It is Northern California G-funk meets Roger and Zapp, and Grzzwall’s lyrics enrapture you into his sanctimonious world of conspiracies, salacious explorations, and mind opening philosophies.

B. Bravo – the vetted producer, DJ, and founder of the synthesizer funk group, Starship Connection –  lends his signature slapping beats and sensual talkbox to the mix, taking Vegas Knights from intimate late nights to hot fun in the summertime.  An alumni of Red Bull Music Academy and member of the Bayonics crew, B. Bravo has shared the stage with artists like Chromeo, Dam-Funk, Flying Lotus and has serenaded crowds across the world with his outerspace boogie and dirty grinding synth grooves.

“I wanted to do VegasKnights because Grzzwall is one my closest homies and I really believe in his talent. When he hollered at me to do tracks for it, I was like, ‘of course!’.  He’s got a unique style that I love and I wanted to help realize his vision for this project.  His voice and my tracks go really well together.”

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