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by Zatoon

by Galen Maloney on June 11, 2015

For those of you on the lookout for all of the talent that stays beyond the clutches of the mainstream, check out A-1 from San Francisco’s Bayview neighborhood.  With a mission statement that provides a level of depth, creativity and consciousness rarely seen in today’s hip-hop world, A-1 gives us a glimpse of the potential for rappers and MCs.  He uses his songs and videos as a canvas for expression and inspiration.  His latest project, THURLIAN, emphasizes the concept that one day “modern human beings can finally figure out a way to live peacefully amongst each other, develop clean sustainable methods for gathering energy and food, and can live in perfect harmony with mother earth, we will have entered a new stage in human evolution”

In the video for Invisible Man, a track off the Thurlian project, A-1 deftly combines shots of the glamourous lifestyle juxtaposed against the realities of the street, all the while providing a lyrical message that makes you really listen.

Here’s another innovative video showcasing his lyrical skills along with that slumpy bay area style beat.

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