OKP Premiere: Mars Today Offers Hope On “So Far Away” With BigBrooklynRed

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by Zatoon

Like today’s premiere, we take a firm stance against mediocrity in music. A talented producer, songwriter and performer, Mars Today steps from the background to offer this soulful effort called “So Far Away,” featuring the magical songwriting talents ofBigBrooklynRed.

After collaborating with a who’s who of future R&B producers such as Soulection’sEsta, Film Noir’s KRS and Lege Kale, Mars Today has showcased his diverse musicianship with the song, “So Far Away”. Detailing the construction of the song, Mars explained that the cut isn’t a relatively new one. “This song was recorded almost four years ago over just piano and programmed drums,” he mentioned to OKPexclusively.

“The session was lightweight magical, BigBrooklynRed never wrote any lyrics down, he just caught a vibe and ran all the way home with it.” An improvisationalist by nature and possibly by nurture, forestalling is Brooklyn’s trademark. Accompanying Mars Today on the cut as a creative spirit has imbued “So Far Away” with a bit of flavor known as “the Mother Tongue”. About the DNA of the song, Mars Today told us that it is pure rhythmic optimism, saying, “It’s a song about life, humanity, love, and hope, or the lack thereof.”

The amount of time it took to craft this song might’ve taken longer than expected, but Mars Today and all the players should be proud that for his first release of 2016, “So Far Away” sounds like a deeply rooted track worth playing on repeat.

Keep a look out for his full-length debut coming soon to earholes near you. In the here and now, though, press play on “So Far Away” and catch the smooth grooves!


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